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Using RSS Popper
Outlook Add-In problems


I've installed RSS Popper & setup some feed but nothing happends ?

Check in the RSS Popper toolbar if there a button "RSS is OFF", if so click it and it will turn to "RSS is ON".

Does RSS Popper supports non-Latin languages (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) ?

Yes, given Windows & Outlook support to the language. Current RSS Popper version requires that windows regional setting must be set to the specific non-Latin language: Open Start->Control Panel->Regional And Language Options, select the "Advanced" tab, and set the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to the specific language.

What is the difference between the 'stable' version and the 'development' ?

The stable version is one that was tested to work on all of the supported platforms while the development version was not. Usually it is recommended to try the development version first because it contains bug fixes.

Using RSS Popper

When I click 'Read more' or any other link within a message I get a phishing warning, and Outlook asks to verify the site. How to prevent this?

This warning was added in the security features of Outlook 2003 SP2. To prevent this there's an option in the settings window "Redirect links thru RssPopper.com (Prevent phishing warnings)" which redirect all links thru rsspopper.com. After marking rsspopper.com as a safe site, all other sites will be redirected.

How can I backup RSS Popper settings?

All the RSS Popper configuration files are stored in the following folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\RSSPopper
Just zip or save those files in a backup folder.

Note that the exact location may change according to the "Documents and Settings" drive, and operating system language.

Does RSS Popper have unattended installation mode?

Yes. See NSIS documentation.

How can I change the log file settings?

The log file settings can be found in:
C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\RSSPopper\popper.xml
There are 3 fields for the log file:

To reduce disk space usage of the log files just reduce the LogHistory (number of log files saved) and the LogFileSize (the file size of every log file)

Can I move RSS Popper settings, including the list of messages retrieved, from one computer to another?

Backup the RSS Popper settings on the first computer (See "How can I backup RSS Popper settings?"), and copy them to the new computer, to the same folder (you might need to change the [username] folder name).

Is there an option to Auto-Delete messages?

Not yet. You can use the Auto-Archive to get similar results.

I'm trying to install/uninstall RSS Popper, after closing Outlook, and I still get 'Close running instance of Outlook first'.

Sometimes Outlook doesn't close gracefully after closing the Outlook window. Check for and program that might cause the Outlook to stay open. If none can be found consider killing the Outlook process using the Task Manager.

In the incoming news items the sender name is the local user name and the post date is the current date, and not feed date.

This is due to a problem with the local machine MAPI installation.
Verify that the following directory exists:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi
And contains mapi32.dll & msmapi32.dll in one of it's subdirectories.

It is recommended to reinstalling Outlook if this problem accures.
So far this problem has been reported only on computers that runs both Exchange Server & Outlook.

I get the error "Additional information: The underlying connection was closed: The server committed an HTTP protocol violation."

See http://newsgator.mykbpro.com/Article_6E834.aspx for solution

Outlook Add-in problems

Why can't I see RSS Popper in Outlook COM Add-In list?

RSS Popper installs for all users on the computer, while the COM Add-In lists only Add-Ins for current user.

I've installed RSS Popper but no toolbar appeared in my Outlook

Try the following:

1. Check if your software is supported by RSS Popper:
* Windows 2000+
* Outlook 2000+

2. Restart Outlook. Verify in the Task Manager that the Outlook process is down (in the 'Processes' tab).

3. Check there isn't any .NET Framework permissions issue by disabling it (and restart Outlook):
%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\CasPol.exe -s off

RSS Popper used to work, but not any more - the toolbar is not visible

1. The toolbar is hidden - right click in the toolbars area, and check if the 'RSS Popper' addin is listed but not visible.
2. The add-in was disabled by Outlook (sometimes after error message) - If Outlook 2003 disables the add-in, please follow this sequence to re-enable it. Click on Help Menu => Click on About Microsoft Office Outlook => Click on Disabled Items button at the bottom => Click on the relevant add-in and click on enable.

RSS Popper used to work, but not any more - the toolbar is visible, but no new items...

Most common reasons:
1. More than 1 PST got the same name (e.g. 'Personal Folders') - Since RSS Popper selects the target PST by it's name, changing/closing PSTs might change the order and cause RSS Popper to put the new feeds in another PST. To resolve this - change the name (in Outlook) of one of the PSTs or just open a new PST for the RSS feeds with a new name.
2. PST Name changed - similar to reason (1) - just got to 'Options' and set the new default RSS location (it will change all the feeds going to the default location